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Referral Social lets you earn cash when your trusted recommendations inspire others to buy.

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Referral Social - Rewards from Recommendations

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Recommend stores

Recommend favorites...

  • Sign-up for free & recommend your favorite stores & apps
  • All your recommendations are saved on your profile you can share
  • Over 5,000 stores to recommend: big and small
  • Louisa is a fan of Nike. When she recommends Nike she can earn herself 3% referral cash if someone buys
Influence others

Influence others…

  • Friends, family & others trust your opinion and style
  • When they see your recommendations, they can be inspired to purchase...
  • ... as well as earning rewards themselves
  • John trusts his friend Louisa's opinion, clicks the 5% cash link & goes to the Nike store
Earn Cashback

Social rewards: Thumbs-Up to High-5

  • After a successful purchase, you both earn rewards High-Five Emoji . ReferralSocial tracks everything for you
  • Both of you earn rewards, paid by the store. Create a passive income or donate rewards to good causes.
  • Let your recommendations work for you! From Fashion to Fitness, Food to Finance
  • John purchases $260 Nike shoes, earning Louisa a $8 reward and himself a $13 cash bonus
Chrome Extension

Referral Social Alerts

  • See reward alerts when shopping by adding the free browser extension
  • Friends' recommendations are prioritised, so you can keep helping each other
  • Make new recommendations directly for more influence & cash-back
  • Louisa was curious about LookFantastic, sees recommendations from friends Robert & Jennifer, and potential rewards

Make money from recommendations for yourself & friends
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